Learn Worm Anatomy and Biology

General Earthworm Diagram

The clitellum of adult earthworms contains features called genital tumescence, tubercula pubertatis. The clitellum features and the male pores and female pores found above the clitellum and are all parts of the earthworm reproductive system. The prostomium is the earthworm mouth. The setae are tiny hair-like projections that are arranged in rows along the earthworm body and are used for locomotion by the earthworm. The size, shape and position of all these things are different in different species of earthworms and will help you to identify the species of earthworms you have.

Adult Markings:

  • Genital tumescene (GT)
  • Tubercula pubertatis (TP)
  • Clitellum

Ventral View = underside
Lateral View = sideview
Dorsal View = backside

Line art showing dorsal view of prostomium
Line art showing circular and flattened tail shapes
Line drawing showing Genital tumescene (GT) and Tubercula pubertatis (TP)
Lin art showing cross sectional view of setal pairing arrangements
Line art showing clitellum shapes: saddle, annular, flared and non-flared
Line art showing entire earthworm external anatomy as described above